2019 Nov 18

The Best French Restaurants in London


Review from Capital A List

Le Garrick is a restaurant which the second you walk through the front doors you are transported straight to France. No stone has been left unturned in making certain that this restaurant is anything short of perfect. For over three decades Le Garrick has been a highlight of Covent Garden, being popular with theatre lovers and couples looking for a romantic evening, this French restaurant has it all. With a great atmosphere and food, you are guaranteed a fantastic time at what proves to be one of the best French restaurants in London.

Since 1986 Le Garrick has maintained its status as one of the West End of London’s finest examples of classy French dining, it is therefore no wonder that the restaurant has become so popular with theatre goers. The moment you see Le Garrick you think of a Parisian restaurant, exuding that sense of French charm. Once you enter the image is complete and you are fully transported to Paris, with its bricked walls and candle lit decor which lends the restaurant a feeling of both quaint and costly. Undeniably the atmosphere is charming, a charm which it has refined for over thirty years. The cosy charm lends the restaurant a sense of romance making it the perfect place for a romantic meal, whether you are celebrating an anniversary or are on a date. Le Garrick makes for the perfect evening no matter what the event. Of course there are many reasons to visit Le Garrick, one of the best is for a place to eat or drink before and after a day at the theatre. Being situated in the West End it is the perfect restaurant to attend after a classy time at the theatre, continuing your day in the spirit of the theatre by discussing your time there at an equally classy restaurant. One thing that should not be missed out on is the opportunity for a discount, getting a members card entitles you to 15% of all charges from Monday to Friday at lunchtime up until 5 pm. This is highly recommended because after just one meal here you will be coming back. Once is enough to make anyone a fan of this terrific French restaurant.

Rarely can a restaurant treat the taste buds as Le Garrick does, thanks to a menu which is undeniably pure French cuisine. The ingredients feel authentic and are completely delicious, this is in no small part thanks to a menu that has variety and care taken in its preparation. Starters include such fantastic entrees as cassolette, scallops, foie gras, mussels, and escargot, which are beautifully prepared for your enjoyment, starting your dining experience perfectly. The perfection however continues thanks to an immaculate main course selection, which ranges from classics such as beef bourguignon, moules-frites, fish of the day, and a special dish of the day. Each dish being authentically French, taking your taste buds to a French heaven. Of course if it is steak you want then you have a choice of onglet, rib-eye, and a 14oz 28 day old rib-eye, that will make your mouth water with delight. The excellent food does not end there however as the desert menu must not be avoided, including such treats as creme brulee, cafe gourmand, and petit gateau. All of which is served with the option of a coffee, tea, wine or lecture to help complement the end of your meal. As a treat, it is highly recommended that you try the Sunday lunch at Le Garrick, which includes the mussels, rib-eye steak, and creme brulee, truly delicious. This meal costs a bargain price of only £20 per person plus a Kir, proof that they really do care about their customers at Le Gerrick. As with all of the best French restaurants in London the wine list is spectacular, thanks to fantastic champagnes for celebration and spirits for relaxation. Recommended wines include ‘Sancerre ‘Domaine du Pré Semelé’, 2018’, ‘Vallet Frères, Meursault Premier Cru ‘Blagny’, 2011’, ‘Gamay de Touraine AOC, 2017’ and ‘Château Lalande, St Julien, Bordeaux, 2014’. Perfect wines to compliment what will certainly be an exquisite dining experience.

It cannot be denied that Le Garrick has everything that is needed to be amongst the best French restaurants in London. The atmosphere is perfect for any customer, whether they are romancing or returning from a night at the theatre, you are guaranteed the charm of a Parisian restaurant. However the atmosphere is only the beginning of what makes Le Garrick such a terrific French restaurant as it is the food which keeps you coming back. The food being utterly fantastic, and most importantly authentically French, truly transporting you to France, allowing you to experience the very best of French dining.

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